Having spent several months navigating the vast and challenging terrains of the Arctic, stage 2 of Chris & Julie Ramsey's Pole to Pole expedition kicked off in the bustling west coast seaport of Vancouver, Canada.

The couple's Canadian adventure continued ~2000km south, from Hay River to Vancouver where they felt the benefits of warmer weather, straighter roads, and gentle driving conditions.

Having spent several months navigating the vast yet isolating Arctic, Chris & Julie were thrilled to be greeted by the Nissan Canada team who had arranged a public Pole to Pole EV event. This was their first chance to share their Arctic tales with other like-minded EV enthusiasts and display the Expedition Ariya for the crowd to enjoy.

The Pole to Pole team made a final pit stop in West Vancouver. During their stop they fitted a THULE roof top tent (including a thick, comfy mattress!). This easy modification to their adaptable home on the road ensured they were ready to continue their journey across the US with the thought of a good night's sleep ahead.

Ready to go with an extra layer of comfort, the Ramseys & their Expedition Ariya continued the journey to the US border.


At the end of June Chris & Julie were ready for an exhilarating weekend of Formula E racing at Portland International Raceway. This was a pivotal moment for them - witnessing the full spectrum of EV capabilities as demonstrated by the power and speed that drives the all-electric world championship event.

The couple chatted with a lively crowd of racegoers and got to hang out with Nissan's very own Formula E team who showed them how their powertrain technology is being transferred between the racetrack and the road to accelerate the development of its EV technology before cheering on Nissan driver Sacha ​Fenestraz from the sidelines.

Having experienced the electric atmosphere and thrill of Formula E racing in real life, the Pole to Pole team got back on the road, albeit at a slightly slower pace than Sacha.


Following the coastal road towards LA provided Chris & Julie with some breathtaking sunsets, celebrations (4th July!), and unrivalled comfort whilst driving thanks to the Nissan Ariya e-4ORCE's all-wheel drive system.

The urban roads of LA with its long stretches of freeway were no challenge for the Expedition Ariya. Its e-4ORCE technology provided the couple with a powerful yet effortlessly smooth city driving experience. Ariya's superior control and handling requires minimal steering correction, meaning more time for the Pole to Pole team to enjoy their front-row seat to the adventure of a lifetime.

Chris and Julie continued their journey upwards to LA's majestic San Bernardino Mountains before moving towards Texas.


Leaving the glitter of LA behind, Chris & Julie drove on through the heart of Texas. As they explored the diverse landscapes and vibrant cities, the spacious and comfortable interior of the Expedition Ariya provided them with a relaxing atmosphere..

Even during the longest stretches of their Texas adventure, the advanced climate control of the Nissan Ariya e-4ORCE kept them comfortable and refreshed in temperatures reaching 47°C. With a spot of coffee on tap, thanks to their Expedition Ariya's inbuilt coffee machine, the Ramseys were able to enjoy some truly good – and needed - coffee breaks along the way as they get ready for their journey through Mexico.

Stage 3: Mexico.

Next, Chris & Julie's expedition will take them through the awe-inspiring landscapes of Mexico and beyond.
Stay tuned for more and follow the explorers directly on: @poletopoleev OR visit the Pole to Pole EV blog

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